Amira Brown Amira Brown

Artist Statement and Bio

My work is inspired by the psychological aspects and factors that drive and liberate black consciousness and articulate their depth. Academic essays and poetry such as Blue Clerk by Dionne Brand and Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde largely inspire my work. I focus on capturing the ambiguities of life, furthering the representational ideals of diversity and moving into unresolved and imaginative aspects of blackness. By layering personal, psychological, social and recorded histories into my work I create speculative histories and moments of potentiality . Through my work I refuse the societal standard of black value as cultural capital to be exploited and create narratives of our own empowerment and nuance. Using various substrates and materials from my own home and community I create multilayered portraits moving from the representational into the speculative and abstract.

Though born in New York, I have resided in New Haven for a majority of my life and started reading and drawing in childhood. My parent’s both inspired to work hard and think outside of the box to achieve my goals, leading me to pursue art through self research until I could take college art classes as a teen. After receiving my BFA at Paier College of Art in 2016 I have been working and living in New Haven.


Amira Brown